Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrift Store Grab Bags

I went to the thrift store after work today. I know. Twice in one week. Bad me. BUT I sold one pattern for 20.00 yesterday on Etsy so I had motivation :)

I found a couple nice vintage sheets.

And then I ventured over to the Christmas section. This thrift store does grab bags with miscellaneous Christmas stuff. I bought a couple last year and got some neat stuff.

They had a few bags of red satin ornament balls too! I bought some white ones last year. My mom had some when I was a kid so they are nostalgic to me. Plus? They won't break when the animals knock them off the tree. Score! One bag was .99 and the others were 1.99. There were also a few in one of the grab bags.

So here's is my haul. I had thought there might be a few things I would like in each bag, and for .99 to 2.00 I figured it was worth it.

Oh and they had this spool of nice satin ribbon with gold edge in the Christmas section too. It's about 3/4 of the way full.

Regular price? 16.85.

And these vintage Holiday Party Invites for .50

Bag number one! The little presents are picks, I think they are vintage.


Scary. I think that doll might give me nightmares.

Next bag!

 There are a few vintage things in here. A few broken things. A few things that could be used as toppers on presents or something. AND some CRAP.

 Next? That bendy Santa is what got me to buy it, even though I couldn't see the whole thing. Oh and a felt mouse thing.

Felt mouse thing had a big plastic stick? sticking out of it (not a pick, it's broke). Santa's beard looks a bit sparse but he's kind of cool. 

And this? Obviously I bought it for the bears. Those bears are worth .99.

The little mouse is vintage but has some glue stuck to the back of it. Might be able to do something with it. The angel ornament is nice and that's a gold angel napkin holder and I can fill the little sock boot with something for someone. 

Not too shabby! Of course there is some garbage but I got some fun stuff too. 

Do you ever buy grab bags?
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Chris H said...

You got some really neat stuff!

Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista said...

Grab bags are fun! For a small cost, worth the risk to find something awesome!

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