Friday, November 18, 2011

Who's Embarrassed Now?

Thursday night I went to the Christian book club. Although, we had decided to not talk about the book yet since a lot of people hadn't had time to read it yet.

The book wasn't in our county library system and it wasn't available on Kindle. That's something to think about when you are picking a book for a book club selection. You should always check and see how available the book is. I usually check to see if it's at the library, on Kindle (since most ladies in my book clubs have one) and how much it will cost.

I almost didn't go since they weren't going to discuss the book but just hang out. But I decided I'd go anyways. Then I found out my friend wasn't going to be there and almost didn't go again, but I had promised my book to someone so I just went.

I had a pretty nice time even though all the ladies that come go to the same church, and I of course, don't. It just cracks me up because no matter where I am with a group of women the subject almost always turns to sex. These ladies weren't an exception.

One lady though, kept putting a pillow over her head and someone called her out about how she was embarrassed about what we were talking about.  Now, most people I hang out with are VERY open about  sex so it's really surprising to me that people like this still exist. I mean, if you have five children you'd think you would have talked about sex quite a bit. But I guess maybe instead of talking about it, you're just doing it? I dunno. I just find it kind of funny. I asked her if her mom ever talked to her about sex and she said no way! And of course, she said she didn't talk to her boys about sex either.

Definitely not from the same world as me.

Anyhow, we are getting together next month to actually discuss the book (The Swan House) and I found out that there is a sequel (The Dwelling Place) so I ordered it off of Amazon last night.

It's raining and it's supposed to rain all weekend. Sounds like a good time to curl up with a book. What are you reading?Pin It

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Chris H said...

Sex ! Funny book club topic.
LOL at the woman who was embarrassed about the conversation.
I had discussions with all my kids about the birds and bees... not a problem!

I can remember one time years ago Steve asked me what was the difference 'down there' between girls and boys... well there was NO WAY I was going to show him... so I asked Lacy if she would... and she did. She just dropped her knickers and showed him!!!
He was about 5 and she was about 12... I had to laugh!

See, very open in this house!

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