Thursday, November 3, 2011


So I have a sneaking suspicion that this is PMS week.
Yes, if you are a teenager (and a guy) you can leave now. 

{{hears doors slam, feet running away}}

Here's a few hints my body throws me

GOD DAMN I must have breast cancer.
Did you just look at me? WTF? Why did you look at me like that?
Fucking clothes all over the fucking floor

And last night I made chili.
 Last time I made it Scott thought it was the BOMB. 
He like, moaned into his bowl. 
This time? 

He says
"well, it's better than that crap my mom makes"

::record scratch noise::

Well I'm glad it's one step up from DOG SHIT.

yeah maybe over reacted a bit there. hehe

Today? I'm being trained to do something new at work. 
This requires me to work with cactus lady

(sorry I deleted my original cactus lady post when I linked to people I might actually have to talk to face to face and spent 12 hours cleaning up my blog of anything I might get fired, disowned, or killed for).

So background on cactus lady. Used to be friends. Then we weren't. 
Now we barely have started talking to each other 
(and look that's over a year ago, we bitches can hold grudges!)

Here's my example I had of one day when I tried to give her a hug and she PUSHED me away. 
(that's when we were still friends)

So yeah. She's going on vacation for like a month and I get to help do her job. 
Which is cool.


She's a control freak. 

Today I did all the stuff I needed to do 
and then gave her the paper to sign so I could get it off in the mail 

and she's all "I'll look at it later".

 Seriously? You can't just scroll your name right here and let me finish this project? 
So it sat on my desk 

And I'd look over and be like mo'fo can't even sign her NAME?

When I left I just handed it to her on my way out. 
See, she's trying to control the situation.

Which, really, whatever. 
But PMS week? 
&^%%&() you *&^^*&*())__&*()^

So yeah. I think it's safe to say we still aren't friends.

But hey, I came home and watched this and totally cracked up!

I hope you enjoy it. Jessica thinks I only think it's funny because I'm old. 
Yeah, that's it for sure.
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Annsterw said...

I hope you (and you whole family) survives PMS week - I can TOTALLY relate! Feel better soon!!! :-)

Annsterw said...

LOVE the blog design!

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