Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beep Beep!

Monday we got up and we were looking at the internet to find some cars and trucks to go look at. Then I found a great deal on a car like mine, only newer with less miles and cheaper than that truck we had looked at.  So we went and bought it!

Beep Beep!! Isn't it cute? It's a 2009 Chevy HHR (mine is an 07). My car has been great with no problems ::knock on wood:: so we figured it would be an ok car to get.

I'm glad we found something that looks new and gets good gas mileage AND didn't cost a fortune.

After spending a couple hours doing paper work we drove down the street and went to lunch-early dinner (Linner to us) at The Black Bear Diner. They are pretty new around here but they are popping up all over the place. People are always saying how good they are and that they have big portions (although I don't think that's really a good thing). Scott and I have never been there. I ordered a Cobb Salad.

Looks good. Until you get a good look at that avocado slice. (Top of the plate)


I probably would have asked for a new piece if I hadn't already had to ask the waiter two times for water. Guess I didn't need the extra calories anyways, right? Other than the slow waiter and the avocado it was good. I'd probably go back if I didn't see something I liked more close by.

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Anonymous said...

there's no excuse for that avocado in CA!!!! How many miles on the HHR? Looks new!


Chris H said...

That car is awesome, lucky girl.
And I can't tell what is wrong with the avocado? I hate avocado anyway, so it wouldn't have mattered what it looked like, I wouldn't have eaten it! lol

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