Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Halloween Un-comfort Zone

Saturday night we ended up going down to our little bar to hang out with some friends. Somehow we ended up picking Halloween costumes for the Halloween party they are going to have down there. Apparently we are going at Super Heroes. I think the men may have been the ones to come up with that idea.

I really dislike dressing up for Halloween. I don't know why. I think it stems from always being over weight and really who wants to dress up in some ugly fat girl costume. Let's face it, when you are fat the choices are very limited. You can be a witch or something else with long drapes of fabric. Of course then you get to the party and all the skinny girls are dressed in tiny sexy outfits. It's like skanks-r-us.

Scott wants to go as classic Batman or some sort of Batman costume. My friend is going to be Wonder Woman and her man is going to be Superman.

This is what my husband wants me to be.

Can we get a collective FUCK NO!?!

No way in hell I'm dressing in something like that and going out in public. I don't care if I only weighed 100 pounds. NO WAY.

So I said I'd be Batwoman.

Now that I look at that and I'm not three sheets to the wind I'm thinking that's another HELL NO. I wonder if I could make it out of flannel....

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

See if I looked like the cat woman I would wear that in a heart beat. I think God made me chubby to keep my clothes on!!

Mamato2boys said...

I totally think you could pull off that costume. If you don't have super long legs it wouldn't be that bad and you could always put opaque tights under :). Go for it!

Ang from fitcamp

Chris H said...

I look forward to seeing you as Batwoman!

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