Sunday, September 30, 2012

Food, Crafts & Biking

This weekend was full of food. Saturday I went to my first "Pinterest Party". A friend of mine hosted, picked the crafts and bought all the supplies. How awesome is that? She had lots of snacks. One was healthy...of course the rest were not. And I ate and ate and ate. I ended up leaving a little bit early because I had to go pick up supplies for my Book Club today and I was actually sick to my stomach. 

WHEN will I learn?? Will I ever? Or am I always going to do this to myself? I tried to make myself stop several times and yet I kept going back for more. 

Here's a few of the cool crafts we made.

These you are supposed to put votives in, they were pretty easy to make (my friend cut the shapes out of vinyl with her Cricut)

This was one of the things I actually DID NOT eat lol. She had these all made up for us.

This one we painted the frame and then glued all those buttons on the paper pumpkin. It was pretty easy and cute, just a bit hard to get the wire and stem button to stay on. Hot Glue would work better for that than the 3 in 1 glue we used.

On the right is a candle stick glued to a bowl to make a candy dish. Some people had a hard time getting them to stick but mine worked good.

We painted a piece of board and then mod podge'd the paper & vinyl letters on. Super easy.

We made one more really big craft but I didn't take a picture of that one yet and that would require me to get up and turn on the light so I'll show you later! I left "early" (after about 7 hours!) and everyone else did 2 more crafts.

Here's my table for Book Club Today. 

I went pretty simple on the snacks and then we also had cheese cake. The cheese cake was really small slices so I gave everyone two. Then I looked at the calories after every one left and started hating myself.

THEN Scott came home with frozen pizza for dinner. 

So I went for a SUPER LONG bike ride. Like almost 16 miles, the longest I've ever done. I did my basic loop 2 times plus some. It's weird but I was thinking I was going to be done but I had just not got that adrenaline rush that I usually get so I kept riding and then FINALLY it was there. 

I felt so much better when I got home. (and did eat one piece of pizza). 

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yo-yo-mama said...

Love the idea of a pinterest party although I'm sure "my creations" would look like a hot mess! The wine and snacks would be great! Hmmm, may need to do that!

Kim said...

Love all the crafts! My friends do a pinterest party where 1 person is designated the main dish, 1 person a side, 1 person an appetizer, 1 person a dessert, and 1 person a crazy...for a fun little dinner party.

Anywho, I hate horribly yesterday too and finished my day with a 4.22 mile run... I felt awesome afterwards and felt so much less guilty!

Kim said...

***craft! Not crazy! ha!

Annsterw said...

Awesome crafts!! I may be copying the votives! Go you-I love a looooong bike ride...clears the mind!

Jennifer Owens said...

OOoooo I love, love, love your button pumpkin. SO cute! I want to make one now! (o:

Chris H said...

That button pumpkin is so cute. Food... it evil. It always screams EAT ME... and sometimes we just can't resist.

Unknown said...

I LOVE this idea! That looks like such a fun party!

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