Monday, September 17, 2012

Princess Party!

My niece Adrian turned 3 on September 11th. We celebrated on Saturday with a Princess Party! My sister in law and her sister (and my Mom I think) did a FANTASTIC job with the decorations!

We walked in to this

They made all these sugar cookie favors, so yummy (I ate one today, I think they are gone now-I hope)

And then the mantel was decorated with great tissue paper flowers, I just love those!!

and then the treat table

We were all on sugar overload by the time we went home and that was with trying to be "good". 

And THEN.. Outside! This is straight out the back door

 They decorated the chairs all cute too!

We got Adrian this big stuffed pig for her birthday. The kids all took turns rolling around on it, it was a hit! (We got it at Target). Here is Ava taking her turn, isn't she just gorgeous!

Adrian was glued to Melissa for the whole day

Jessica came home from school and got in some Ava time

 Scott & I

 The Princess was supposed to wear her Princess Dress but she's 3 so that didn't happen. The boys were supposed to be her nights. My nephew was so not having it. Trevor thought it was great!

And last but not least, the birthday girl with her pretty cake.

I'd say it's good to be three!
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She's a big star said...

Those big stuffed animals at Target are awesome! My son has two of them (dogs, not pigs) and to this day, they're still his favorite and he's 10!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

WOW! That's an amazing party! =D

Unknown said...

What an amazing party! Happy birthday to your niece! One of my twins is completely obsessed with dogs and has one of the huge Target ones too. She calls it Big Huge Doggy, and uses it as her pillow to sleep on. We didn't take it on our trip last month, and about halfway through she got really homesick and missed him terribly.

Paige Marie said...

That is the cutest party I have ever seen!!! PS... I nominated you for the Versatile blog award! Check it out:

Sarah said...

That was such a cute party! You and Scott look so awesome!!

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