Monday, November 11, 2013

Crafty Time

The other day when I went to the thrift store I picked up a couple old books. Lately I've really enjoyed some of the older pictures in old books. I keep thinking of making some cards or book marks or something from them.

I picked up this book for less than fifty cents. (not my listing but the same book). The pictures inside are just beautiful. 

 When I load these 2 pictures they are facing the right directions. Why do they turn? So weird. Oh well you get the picture.

The book is just page after page of fun pictures! I made some cards a week or so ago out of some pictures online. I printed them out on some card stock and embellished them a bit. I forgot how much fun Stickles are (basically glitter glue)


I made one more which was my favorite and I forgot to take a picture of it. DOH. Anyhow, with the price of cards now I think it's kind of fun to make some for next to nothing! Plus I can do something creative that doesn't take too long. AND it uses up scrap paper. 

So since I have today off I think I'll go play with some paper (in between changing the laundry over, on load 2 already!). I also have turkey soup started on the stove. That should be yummy!
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1 comment:

Chris H said...

I think buying old books for their pictures is a brilliant idea!
Now... I will have to go book shopping!
Your cards are lovely.
Have you got your parcel yet?

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