Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho Just Another Day-O

Well today was fun.

I went to work and then left an hour later because the only time they could get Melissa in to the dentist to re-cement her inlay onto her tooth was 10:00. So I had to drive home, pick up the inlay, drive to town, go in and check her out of school (no small task) and then drive across town to the dentist. Amazingly I had time to stop for gas and had 5 minutes to spare. Sometimes I amaze myself!

So I get her to the dentist and we are there forever.I thought it was like a here let's dust this off and stick some glue on it kind of thing. Apparently not that easy. They ended up having to numb her up and do some prep work or something.

I may have also got into a heated discussion with the dentist. EVERYONE I know that goes to that dentist has been told that they grind their teeth and that they need to wear a mouth guard.

Including my husband who sleeps like this.

Yeah, Kind of hard to grind the teeth when you sleep with your mouth wide open. Of course she doesn't believe me and tells me you can buy them at Safeway and that she's not getting a kick back. I think she was trying to make it seem like the reason the inlay fell off was because she grinds her teeth (she doesn't, I don't care what she say she can see from looking at her teeth, she's crazy). My way of thinking is that if 95% of people grind their teeth and clinch them? They should be able to do dental work that stands up to that. If they don't they are not doing it right.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to change dentist soon. This place has started to annoy me. I can't wait to fill out their online survey they send out after a visit.

So after the dentist I dragged Melissa to lunch where she somehow ate a burrito with half a working mouth and I inhaled a basket of chips.

After we got home I was feeling a little stir crazy so I went outside and worked in my totally neglected yard. I even got out our new weed eater that we bought and figured out how to use it all by myself! I've always been afraid to try but this new one is battery powered so you don't have to mix shit or drag a cord around. It was really easy and I only whacked a couple of my trees and threw shit up in my eye once. SCORE!

I need to spend about a year or two out front to make it look nice again. I almost go the crap growing on the bricks picked out though, so that's a start.

It got dark early so I went inside and made dinner. I had told Scott while I was working outside that I was thinking about going to Bingo down at the clubhouse and I got done eating and got there in just enough time. I got 4 card, they are .60 cents a pieced to play for the night and then for the black out game it's .25 a board so $1. I didn't win any of the regular games, but I WON the blackout!! I won $33!! Pretty exciting!! Weird how I haven't been in like two years and I go on a whim tonight and win.

So fueled by a cup of coffee that must contain rocket fuel and adrenaline I went out for a late night run after I got home. Four miles done! This was Monday's run that I moved because I did my long run on Sunday. I don't like running back to back days and my knees have been a bit sore since I hit the higher mileage runs. This happened to me before my last half too. I'm starting to think maybe I should stick to the shorter distances. OR maybe I just need new shoes.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

...or new knees. :-)

Sarah said...

I say new shoes! They make a huge difference. I replaced my shoes before the mileage..but figure my weight doubled the stress on them right? I am glad I am not the only one having a great day!! Some telemarketer is sure sorry he called our house today. Score one for me!

Chris H said...

Dentists are always on the look out for a way to make more money!
Brylee DOES grind her teeth, so she does wear a night brace.
We used to get woken up with her teeth grinding!
It sounds disgusting.

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