Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Knew Better

Anyone that knows me knows that I hate Wal Mart. I don't like to shop in there. I'd rather just go to Target where the aisles are not full of crap and the people don't walk 12 wide down them.

BUT it was really cold at work the other day so I decided I'd run into Wal Mart on the way to work to get a little heater for my desk. I picked one up and thought to myself, see Wal Mart isn't so bad! There was hardly anyone there (7 am) and the lines were short and the store was clean.

So I got to work and all excitedly plugged in my new heater and it felt great! For about 10 minutes. Then it turned off and wouldn't ever turn back on.

Just my luck.

So I threw it back in the box and finally got a chance to take it back today.

45 minutes later I finally got my refund. 
I'll go buy a new one at Target.

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