Friday, November 8, 2013


Ugh I feel like such a failure as a parent!

My son got an F, a freaking F on his report card. In Social Studies. I went for the parent teacher conference today and I'm so disappointed. Most of the grade comes from the state and capital tests. I asked the teacher if they work on them in the class and she said mostly it's just for them to study at home and then she thought I was blaming her or something. I was like? No? I'm not blaming you. I just asked if you work on them in the classroom. And also, how are you supposed to study for these things other than just looking at the page? I asked if she had any worksheets or anything but not really. We did do a game thing on a website a few times trying to help him study but obviously that didn't work out too well.

So we are going to go old school and study these. Mean mom 101 ;) Poor kid but he's going to know these damn things for the next test. Maybe I'll actually learn them too. I'm pretty horrible at Geography. I took Sex Ed in high school and you see where that got me. Living in the same area with 3 kids haha.

Scott says maybe we should just home school him. Yeah okie dokie sounds like a plan, you home school him and I'll go to work :)

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Eric W. Harper said...

Make flash cards!

Mrs. Mund said...

Empty/ blank US map and post-it's with capital names on them.
Blank paper- he can try to draw the map and fill in the capitals with only a list pf names to look at.
There is an ipad app about states that will quiz them on capitals.
Come up with mini-stories/mnemonics that are relatable for him. For example: Mary and Anne are BF's so...the capital of Maryland is Annapolis.

Chris H said...

An F... yikes indeed. Poor kid I say. His teacher should have helped him or at least realised he wasn't learning the stuff?
Homeschooling? Yeah, Scott can do that ... I'm sure! lol

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