Friday, April 4, 2014

Another Day In Paradise

Today started off just fantastic. How can you complain when you have one of these?

I made it through the first week of the Live Fit Program. The next 3 days are rest days woot woot! I have on the calendar to double up on my Bikini Body Mommy Days tomorrow so that I will have Sunday as a rest day with nothing! We'll see if that actually happens or not though. Scott wants to go for a bike ride and I think my body is trying really hard to catch the cold everyone in the house has had.

Hopefully I will win the fight and not get sick.
Reaches for another bottle of water and Emergen-C packet...

I REALLY need to go get some padded work out bras for the gym. And some cute work out tops. And maybe some cute shorts. Going to the gym so many days in a row makes me realize how many things will NOT work. I tried a little combo thing for a bra tonight and it KIND of worked but I looked like I was cold and I wasn't if you get my drift. Damn kids ruining my boobs.

No one too exciting at the gym tonight. Just one EMO guy all in black with a beanie and a jacket on. And long pants. I don't know how anyone can work out with that many clothes on. Weird. 

Scott was passed out when I got home and Trevor laid on the floor in front of the heater and gee aren't my guys so cute? 

I swear they can sleep anywhere.

In other news my little twin niece and nephew finally got to come home from the hospital last night! I still have not seen them. We have to be all better first with no chance of being sick since they are so tiny. My sister in law put this photo on Facebook with the "best sleepless night I've ever had". Haha many more of those to come for her.

Well off to hit the hay. I could really use some sleeping in but I'd sacrifice it for a good bike ride. I think. If I'm not sick.Pin It

1 comment:

Chris H said...

Awww those babies are adorable!
As for work out bras, have fun with that!
Mine are on 'dip' permanently... I totally blame the kids too.

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