Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cell Project and Loud Yellers

Just a quick post before bed because I am BEAT!

Fun day today. After work took the kids to the thrift store (got more records fun fun) and then Target for Trevor to get the stuff he needed to make his cell project for school. Thank God I talked Melissa into helping him because I have no idea what the hell she was talking about when she was helping him.

Came home and baked the cake, made dinner and then they worked on the "project". It looks fun even though I don't know what it all stands for.

They used a snowball for the nucleus and we had the extra one. Trevor took a bite out of it and didn't like it too much and tried to hand it off to me but I restrained even though I REALLY wanted to eat it. I had one TINY little taste and decided I wasn't missing much.

After that I went off to the gym to do another round of Bikini Body Mommy Day 52 (same as day 50) and the Day 3 of the Jamie Eason's Live Fit program.

When I first walked into the gym "Brutus" was screaming as he did chest flies with like a million pounds of weights.

EVERYONE was looking. How could you not? Crazy.  Luckily he piped down after his 2nd rep and moved onto something less "strenuous".

Holy cow.

So today's work outs had me totally out of my comfort zone. First of all I had to do the incline push ups again which have your feet up on a bench and your hands on the floor. So you have to kind of make a little space for yourself. Since it is intervals you have to do it 3 times so you are "hogging" the space for a bit. I picked out a spot and moved things around a bit and decided to just own it. I pay my membership just like everyone else, they can wait if they need to be where I am.

So I got that all done and some jumped on the bench so fast after I was done I didn't even have time to clean it. Ok, have fun!

After that I did a bunch of exercises that I don't normally do and that had me a little nervous but I did ok. I like that if you go to the website they have little videos that show how to do the exercises. I've been watching those before I go to the gym if I'm not 100% sure of how to do them. It's really nice! I love free stuff like this!

I had to do a "wide stance barbell squat" which had me a bit nervous. I went over to an empty bar (figured I better start small) and went to lift it over my head and my shoulder/neck area popped. OMG I killed myself. Just kidding but I didn't do that again. Instead I walked under the bar and lifted it up with my shoulders. Later I'm thinking to myself,  that that kink in my neck I've been having for at least a week seems a bit better now. Yeah for self adjustments!

I'm sure everything else on my body is going to be sore. I was sore before I went to the gym so I'm sure to be feeling it later. One more day of the JE work out this week than it's a few days off of that. Probably wasn't the best idea to piggy back 2 work out programs but it sure makes my drive into town to the gym worth it.Pin It

1 comment:

Chris H said...

Don't you have a personal program, set by a professional at the gym?
Should you be doing those exercises without a trained person supervising you, making sure you are not going to kill yourself????
I only did what was 'set' for me at the gym I went to years ago. Every couple of months the personal trainer would adjust my routine and add or delete elements in my program.

Well that's my little lecture for tonight. lol

I hope you are not too sore tomorrow.

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