Thursday, October 12, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday!

Yesterday's staff meeting was so much fun. Ever watch someone make a flow chart? Feel lucky lol. They talked about this for like an hour. Today there is a meeting at 2 for the big boss to talk about nothing for an hour. 

The kids came over for a bit yesterday. Daniel took the cushions off the couch and Rosie used one to get on the chair. She was pretty proud of herself lol. She sat there kicking her little foot up for a bit.

After I went to the club meeting with the lawyer who was supposed to be there to answer questions like did the board members break the bylaws by signing a contract for a cell tower. I missed the beginning so people were already riled up by the time I got there. My uncle ended up yelling at everyone on the board and the lawyer so they stopped the meeting a bit early lol. Hopefully the county doesn't approve it and then we'll be done with the whole mess. I just can't imagine someone putting up a 100' tall cell tower basically in your front yard and not even asking your permission first. The houses closest to that will have very low value that's for sure. Not to mention that they signed a lease for 45 years without club membership voting on it. So crazy. 

After that I hung out in the bar for a little bit. They found the guy that was in the river yesterday. Poor guy had 3 kids and died trying to save a stranger. Here is his Go Fund Me. They still haven't released who the woman was that went into the river. Someone in the bar said that when they pulled her out she was dead but they brought her back. 

When I got home Trevor had made tortilla chips out of the leftover tortillas from the birthday party. I put some cheese on them and melted it for some white girl nachos. They were delicious.

I started working on the Care Bear fabrics. I got them cut out last night now to find their lining fabrics. 

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