Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Good morning happy 53rd Birthday Wednesday for Scott. 
Here is a picture I had found when I was helping with his mom. I just love it.

I think so far I'm not sick so maybe we can squeak in some kind of birthday dinner. 

Yesterday I made up some 49ers bag. I sewed those up pretty quick! 

I decided to make up some more Christmas coasters. I had a great time piecing these together. I pulled out all the smaller pieces of Christmas fabric I have cut them up. Then I found a bag of small pieces I had saved from last year lol. So I have enough to keep me busy for awhile. I think I might sew the ones  I have ready up now before I work on piecing any more.

I ended up staying up super late because I decided I wanted to watch Urban Cowboy at like 11pm. Hadn't watched that in awhile. 

Hopefully it's a good day. Jess said she's feeling a little bit better. I think she got more sick than the kids poor thing!

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