Friday, October 20, 2023


Hello! Happy FriYEAH!

I am almost done with my first round of Christmas coasters. Just have to snip the threads and package them up. I'm doing a show at a this store tomorrow. It's called The Primitive Barn. Hopefully I sell something lol. The booth fee was only $25 so if I make $50 it's good lol. 

I am picking up my niece Adrian after darts tonight so she can spend the night and go with me. It's nice to have someone so I can at least hit the bathroom if I need to. Plus the company is nice :)

Tubz came in last night. She was trying to get away from Simon and I put her on the desk. Then she hopped around a bit. Sheesh. Silly cat. 

I worked most of the day in the office yesterday doing $8.50 certified return receipt letters for applications that weren't funded. Such a waste of money. I still have one more office to do since the boss man there hasn't sent me the signed ones back. Another office wanted to double check a few so I got them all ready to go just have to put the postage on them. I'll have to do that Tuesday. It was kind of nice to be out of the house and not have to deal with the dogs all day lol.

Sad to hear that a guy that plays darts on another team passed away in his sleep the other day. His wife (think they weren't actually married but together for a long time) plays Bunco with us too. So sad. I don't think he was more than 10 years old than me if that.  Super nice guy. Meanwhile the old that have lost their brains just live on and on. My old bookclub friend Ginny is in a home now. She already had dementia and then got West Nile Virus and encephalitis. I guess she is a lot better from that now but not good enough to live alone. Sad. She used to say when she got old she wanted to just take wine into a snow bank and go that way. If only we got to choose eh? 

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