Monday, October 23, 2023


Good morning happy Monday!

We survived another babysitting Sunday. The kids were pretty good yesterday. It helped that Melissa was here to help out! Scott didn't get here until later since he was taking a motorcycle class. He's done with that now and will be able to just take a paper to the DMV and submit it for his license.

Melissa getting Simon cuddles haha

Look at all those curls

How she is when she gets here

How she is when she's ready to go home haha

She did take a nap so that was good. I found out the secret to making her super happy is to turn on Miss Rachel lol. She thinks that is the best thing ever!

Reading in the sunbeam

Eric and Trevor worked on power washing the boat. I think when they were done they decided the boat was a POS so maybe it will just get cut up now. I will be ecstatic to get that out of the yard. 

No plans today other than work and probably sewing. I'm working on the little Christmas scraps I have making them into coasters. Might have to pause after the set I'm working on to clean up all the other fabric scraps I have floating around from the last couple projects.

My little tv I bought myself keeps not connecting to the internet. It will work for like 2 minutes then it loses it. Super annoying. I tried some things I found on You Tube last night and that didn't work either. That's why I never buy myself things. Always just turn out to be a POS.

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