Friday, October 13, 2023


Good morning happy Friday the 13th!

I finished up the Care Bear coin purses last night. I just have to sew around the edges of the zip bags and those will be done too. 

Yesterday Melissa's bf Eric came over so I could hem a pair of pants for him. He's starting a new job today! I hope it works out well for him.  He hung out with Trevor and played video games while I fixed his pants so that was nice for them.

I just sewed for the rest of the night. 

This morning I woke up in a puddle of dog pee. Thanks Snookie. WTF. I even stayed up late and took her out before I went to bed. Thank God for water proof mattress pads. So the wash is going this morning. 

Scott sent me a picture of his face with a bloody line on his forehead. He had some kind of tool work mishap and got whacked in the face. He said it mostly hit his glasses so I'm thinking that is what cut his face.  

I'm going to Jessica's doctor appointment with her this afternoon. It's a new doctor since the other one she had is only seeing old people now. People on Medical are definitely not treated with the same level of care as private insurance. My mom is getting about the same treatment having Medicare. 

Well need to slurp down my coffee and start getting ready to get moving!


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