Tuesday, October 24, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday!

I have to go into the office today to send out more of those letters. Still waiting for the one office to send me the signed versions back so I just have the ones that are all ready to go and just need postage to do today (so far).  I guess I'll do some spreadsheet work while I'm there. Boring. 

I have been working on coasters still. I got these done before the craft show and forgot to take pics so here are a few of the cute Santas. I love them. 

Finished these yesterday. I've been saving these little cat scraps forever lol

and more Snoopy/Peanuts. Finally used up the last of those scraps that came from a $2 scrub shirt forever ago. I made cup cozies and masks from it lol. 

And these Mickey & Friends

Working on these now. Just need to cut some backings and batting for them. I'm going to have to get more batting soon. 

Nothing else exciting going on here. I kind of like it that way! I had a crazy dream last night with a car wreck in front of me and I had a baby with me. Some guy was trying to attack us. We were in some kind of mall? Weird lol.  At least I know I was sleeping!


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