Saturday, January 13, 2024


Good morning happy rainy Saturday! 
Today is Jessica's baby "sprinkle" so I guess rain is appropriate haha.

After work yesterday I went to Target and the grocery store. Target was to get a couple things off her registry. The store didn't seem too busy until it was time to check out. There was only 2 cashiers working and a huge line for the self check out. The cashier I went to was working so slow. Like not even trying to hurry it up. I just don't understand people like that lol.

I bought a bunch of meat at the grocery store. I spent $400 and my fridge is still empty! At least the freezer is full. I need to make some mac salad in a minute for the party today. 

I was feeling a lot better yesterday and only coughed a little bit when I was out. I think everyone is sick everywhere. I heard a lot of people with the same cough while I was out. I tried not doing any meds last night and that was a mistake I was coughing my head off. I got up when I couldn't take it anymore and took some Nyquil but it was like 3:30am at that point. 

I took Jess the cupcake pans last night and came home with a Boppy to mend. Got that done pretty quick. 

I got the Patriotic quilt done yesterday. Posted it on Facebook last night and it sold right away! Might have to make another one.


I pulled out my butterfly fabrics to do next. 

Simon says why CAN'T I go outside while it's raining and muddy!! She's pissed she can't go hang out out there. She finally gave up and is laying on the floor by my feet.

I tossed this box in the house before I went shopping yesterday. More fabric from my friend Bernadette that I got on NYE. Tina thinks this is a great perch and she can whack Simon eye to eye. 

Got little presents for the grands to take today since they are going to be confused that all the presents aren't for them. 

ok need to go make that mac salad so it can get cold!!

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