Wednesday, January 17, 2024


 Hello happy Wednesday! 

Today's been exciting. A little dog showed up with a broken tie out. We were trying to figure out where he belonged. He had fun in the house for awhile but peed a couple times so Trevor was putting him back outside and wasn't paying attention to Simon. Simon bolted out the door and then we had to get her. Eventually we got her to get in the back of the car. Dang dogs! Then one of my friends said she thought she knew where the little dog belonged so we took him home. His name is Cheesecake lol. 

I got the 2nd Butterfly quilt done yesterday. Although I missed cutting one little row so I will probably wash it one more time.

The first Butterfly one is paid for and gone already!

I decided to play with these cat panels next but I messed up a bit with my mathing so it will take a bit more work lol.

Working on some work stuff this morning. Going to get stuff done that 2 offices keep bugging me about so they will go away. It's not due til June and they are like super annoying. A girl in another office with my job took a new position so we might get some shifting of our offices we work on. Hopefully I get that bigger office and they can split up all my little ones. We have a meeting Friday to talk about it. Would be nice not to have to deal with 5 offices and just 2 maybe. I'd take 2 busy over 5 slow.

Watching the kids later so need to run the vacuum and clean up a bit before they come over. Haven't cleaned up in awhile since they haven't been here and everyone was sick!
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