Thursday, January 25, 2024


Good morning happy Thursday! 
Getting ready to go into the office in a minute. Letters day!
I have darts tonight too so a busy day. 
Today is my prediction day for the baby lets see if I'm right haha.

Simon is happily outside this morning. She was not happy being in the house all day yesterday. Here she is taking over ALL the sleeping spots that Snookie likes lol. I gave her a chew thing so she'd be happy for a minute. 

I spent all work day yesterday just uploading letters to the online website where they are stored. Took forever! The website is so slow and you have to check out each person's file and then check it back in when you're done.

After work I went to Joanns to get backing fabric for the quilt I'm working on. It took me awhile to find something that wasn't too expensive, matched and had 4 yards. 

This is what I got!

 I got it all the back pieces cut out and the batting all pinned together ready to sew now.

I picked up Panda for dinner. It was good! Sometimes they are better than others.

I picked up a little piece of this fabric at Joanns too. Reminded me of my mom. She loved it but was like you only got 1/2 a yard? lol.

I had a lot of fabric mail! I've been having fun on Whatnot again. I'm like it's so cheap I can resell it if I don't use it ;) The middle box was disappointing. It was vintage scrap pieces but they look like they've been washed 100 times. Definitely didn't look like that on the screen. The bottom box is beautifully packaged and made up for it! The top one was so so lol. 

Last night there was a gal selling mixed fabric by the pound. Great deals!  I may have an addiction haha.

Ok I need to get myself going! Have a great day! Only today, Friday and Monday to work then off for 2 weeks to help with the kids/baby!

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