Monday, January 29, 2024


Good morning happy Monday!
Reporting from Jessica's house. She's off to get her blood work done for her c section tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't take too long for her. Tomorrow morning they have to be there at like 5:30am and it's 1/2 an hour away so we'll all be up early.

Yesterday I got 2 rag quilts started! I need to get more backing material for both of them. to finish them up. I cut one set of batting. I'll have to buy more batting soon too. I think I have enough for one more to cut out. 

This one might be for my friend Carol if she likes it.

and this one I am going to donate to the car show to raffle. 

I cut out some squares of my remaining "truck" fabrics so I might play around with those if I have a little time here and there between watching the kids. We'll see!

Snookie is living her best life in this dog bed. She's so funny all stretched out. She can't hear anything anymore so unless she notices I get up she's sacked out a lot.

I made a big pot of white girl pasta last night. Also slightly burned my sourdough but it wasn't too bad lol.

Last day of working today and then I have two weeks off of being tethered to this lap top. TG I need a break. It's been since June last year that I've really had any time off, other than a day here and there. 

I was maybe going to go to New York in April but now that's moved to September. We'll see if that happens or not!

Ok next post we might have a new baby! Still don't know his name :)


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