Friday, January 5, 2024


Good morning happy FriYeah. 
Cough coughhhh cough cough. 
Ugh. I coughed all night long last night. My nose was also running. Super annoying since I felt pretty good all day yesterday. It's like as soon as it's the evening my body is like now is the time!! Eff her up so she can't sleep! 

I finished the baby rag quilt yesterday! I had to go out and get it out of the dryer this morning. I love it!
Every square is an animal of some sort for an "I spy" type quilt. 

The back if flannel. I have exactly enough yardage to cut all the squares I needed. I do have some scraps now though which would be fun to cut into smaller squares to use for another quilt. I'd have to get some matching flannel though. And that is how you end up with 50000 pieces of fabric haha. 

Jess planned her own "baby sprinkle" for next Saturday so I'll give it to her then. If I'm done coughing my head off.

Too late last night I decided to try out the block of the month from Darlene's You Tube. I hate the cat square so I'm going to unpick it and redo it in different colors. My sewing machine does not like sewing over small pieces with seams. It will skip the stitch so I was fighting with it a bit on the ears. I definitely picked too close of colors for the cat and the backing and the pink plaid is just hideous. I was just using random pink/purple scraps out of my little scrap bin. 

Simon was like this for awhile last night. Like someone was at the door. Creepy as f*k. No one was there so not sure what she was hearing. At least I think no one was there lol.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Did Simon want to go out? (bathroom?) Wild.
This cough was on The Today Show talking about how long it lingers like some people over 8 weeks. This doctor was talking about what could be done but to me she said nothing that would honestly work. I wear a mask so I am praying I don't get this! Hope you can stop the coughing soon Julie.

Julie H said...

@Peg no she definitely was listening to something. This is my 2nd round I was just sick in November too :(

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