Friday, January 19, 2024


Hello Happy FriYeah!! Woohooooo

Darts tonight and tomorrow for a make up game so some social time. Hopefully no one has germs I didn't already process.

Trevor made us breakfast yesterday. Leftover pot roast, rice and an egg. It was really good and filling.

Lucy waiting for a taste test

I went into the office yesterday to do letters. I got the two offices sent out and got the letters written for one other. Two offices to go! I'll have to go in next week to send out the rest of them.

After work I went to the store to get a few things. I picked up a new bed for Snookie. She is much more comfortable on there than the pillow she had been sleeping on. Currently snoring lol. She's getting so old look at her poor eyes. 

I made baked chicken thighs and potatoes for dinner. Should have cooked the potatoes longer but they weren't too raw not to eat lol. Lots of chicken left over since Trevor wasn't home. Of course the one day that he goes to work and I'm alone Scott comes home early. Hardly ever home alone anymore!

I got one more round done on the cat quilt. now to figure out the next round of squares. I need like 2-3 more rows in each direction and then it will be big enough. I have my pattern down now so should be easier. Definitely not perfect lol. 

So far no work emails to work on but we have a meeting at 10 to discuss the one girl who is leaving's office. It's a bigger one. Maybe I'll have more work to do soon. Tomorrow is paycheck day so I will get to find out how much more money I make after taxes. Woohoo

Jess is 11 days from her c section date. Every time she messages me I'm like did her water break? Her due date was actually Feb 5th so I'm guessing the 25th her water breaks ;) She was about 10 days early with the other 2.  Exciting!! Hopefully they decide on a baby name soon haha.

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