Wednesday, July 10, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday! I survived a day at the office and then went grocery shopping. Now I'm back to the compound (joke we call our neighborhood) for a bit lol.

Simon wanted to go for a walk last night and there was a nice breeze so we went.

It's kind of surprising how low the river is when we had so much snow this winter. 

These wildflowers (wild weeds?) are growing all over right now. They are kind of pretty. I took a picture to see if my friend knew what they were but not sure if it's the one she came up with or not. I'll have to look at them closer.

I've been buying these salads and keep telling myself that they are so simple I can just make them myself. I bought the stuff to make them yesterday. Now to put them together. I have a bunch of the containers saved too. 

This morning I got the sprinkler put on the front yard (bought a new end for the hose at Home Depot yesterday on my lunch) and then got all the recycling rounded up to give to a neighbor. My kids won't ever take it and it's taking over the back yard. I need to find somewhere to take it when I just have a few bags so it doesn't pile up so much. Go me for getting that done it was a mess. 

Another scorcher today. Snookie and I were on the couch from 1:30 am and on this morning. My bedroom is like an oven since it's where the sun bakes for the last part of the day. I even have black out-ish curtains on the windows. I've never been so excited for it to be in the 90's!

Ok back to work! I've been trying to get a few things done that keep getting messed up and now it's back in my court after going back and forth!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I grocery shopped too today. I also made a salad like in your picture for dinner. I love salads!!
I went to Costco for just a few items. I could do that because Rick did not come with me. I put the items in an old costco insulated cooler bag and then went to the grocery store - praying nothing in my Costco bag (chicken and bacon) were melting. It worked. Now me - I was friggin' melting. It was only 97 today so that's better but you know the drill!

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