Wednesday, July 3, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday! 
I guess we aren't getting an early release today since the big wigs email was missing that line lol. I don't even read the emails just scan for the early release line and nada. 

Making progress on my Scrappy Triangles. Last night I went through and prepped the rest of the squares I have for the center pieces so we'll see how big it gets. 

I went to pick up my prescription that was supposed to be ready after work. Of course it wasn't and they only gave me 10 pills and think they have to get a new script from the dr again (they just did that). I think they just give your meds to someone else when you haven't picked them up right away. Like oh we're out but we have one waiting for someone we'll just use those. Annoying.

I picked up Chinese food on the way home since it's so hot who wants to cook.

This poor shopping center was already struggling and now they've been fixing it up for like a year or more. This is the gym I used to go to. I have no idea how they made it through the pandemic and now this. I quit during the pandemic since they weren't open and then were still charging me. Not that I had been going in anyways.

The Chinese food boxes are the best. Tubz approved.

They just keep adding the 100's to the bottom. I wonder if we'll do all 100's in July. We're going North on the 20th so we'll at least get an escape at that point ;)

I have to go to the store today and get stuff to take to my brother's for tomorrow. The party isn't until 3 so we'll have lots of down time in the morning to sweat while we wait for pool time ;)

Work appears to be dead. People going on vacation and saving everything for Monday. I took Friday off so today is my last day until then. 

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