Thursday, July 4, 2024


Good morning happy 4th of July!

I need to make some potato and mac salad in a few minutes but having coffee first. The party we are going to doesn't start til 3 so we have awhile.

Went to the store and got a few things yesterday. Otherwise I worked on my little triangle quilt. Got a few more of the big blocks finished.

3 more groups to go! I separated them out when I was cutting them to mix up the prints more. Seemed to work well for the one I finished yesterday. 

It's so hot here I wish we were going on vacation this week. They just keep adding another 100 to the end of the 8 day weather report. 16 days until we go!

Been watching the worst roommates season 2. People are freaking nuts!


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1 comment:

Chris H said...

It's weird seeing you making quilts! I love them though. Hang in there, holidays soon.

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