Friday, July 5, 2024


Happy Friday! So glad I took the day off work today although I probably could have just sat here with my computer on and not got any emails all day anyways!

Had a nice time at my brother's house yesterday!

I wore my swimsuit over and got in the pool right away. I was the only one in there for like 2 hours until the kids got there. My niece Emma got in eventually. Vincent couldn't swim since he was battling an ear infection and Ava was being a teenager up in her room for most of the day.

My brother, sil Michele, Cousin Al, Dad Mom, Scott and the dog Sadie

My drink for the day

Littlest buddy

Eating her apples (strawberries she calls apples so cute)

My nephew Tony was there for awhile, I like that the big kids were playing with Vincent (video games)

My friend Dee buys the kids outfits for all the holidays, they are so cute!

My mom had little goody bags for all the kids, Daniel loved his

Dad in shorts, a rare sighting


This dog is unfazed by fireworks, she even sat in the bed of the truck with the kids out front while they were setting them off.




We were on our way home a bit after 10 and I've never seen so many fireworks going off on our ride home! Scott is off work today and so far just playing video games. It's too hot to do anything really. Supposed to be 110 today! 

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