Sunday, July 7, 2024


Good morning happy Sunday! I'm kind of glad to get back to work tomorrow. We should have planned something to do this weekend. Kind of boring! 

Yesterday I went over and watched the kids at their house for a little bit so mom and dad could go grocery shopping. Daniel watched movies and played with his toys.

Nate was happy as long as I was holding him most of the time. I was glad he got happy to play on the floor and in his bouncer after a bottle. Eventually he fell asleep for a bit.

Rosie was bored I think and kept wandering around and getting into mischief and then having huge tantrums. I was like omg you are so tired. I put her in her bed twice but eventually she crashed out on the couch. I was like DO NOT TOUCH HER lol.

Before and after that I worked on my little triangle blocks. At midnight or so last night I got all the small blocks made and trimmed.

Now to start sewing those all together.

Finished watching Your Honor. They left it like it is going to have another season but not sure if they are still making it or not.

Now I'm watching The Man with 1000 children. So scary! That can be such a mess.

The kids are coming over later today while their mom works so I'll have to do a clean up in a bit. Much easier to watch them at my own house. You'd think it would be the other way around.

Another 111 day today. They added another one mid day yesterday. RUDE. Can't wait til it's under 100 again. I can't even go for a walk because it's so hot still at 9pm and then it's too dark. 

Ok off to sew my squares together, they are pinned and ready for a trip through the machine.

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