Monday, July 1, 2024


Hello happy Monday! It's a short work week this week woohoo. Slow day so far too. I almost forgot to post here today after getting side tracked.

Ended up watching the kids for a few hours. Kind of expected that to happen ;) 

Got a few snuggles with this guy

and a big snuggle with this girl

and some snuggles with the little guy too. Scott was so funny falling asleep while he was feeding him. He did a head bob and that woke him up. 

After they left Simon and I went out to finish our 30 miles. I should have waited to go it was still too hot. I was picking paths with more shade to walk in. BUT we got it done! I won't be scheduling 30 miles for July since we'll be on vacation for the last part of it. 19 days til then!

Working on my little quilt blocks. I had to true them up before I could put the next step together. Hopefully that doesn't make me lose the tips of the triangles. 

Tina yesterday. She's so funny. I tossed out her box she squished that was in that space so now she's all over the place.

Trevor just left to go out to lunch so I'm all by myself :) Guess I'll celebrate by having a salad for lunch. 

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