Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good Morning!

I woke up this morning next to a sweaty 8 year old. I thought for sure he'd quit wanting to sleep with me as he got older but now I'm kind of wondering if that's ever going to be the case. Every once in awhile is okay  I guess!

I got up a little earlier than normal for a Saturday thinking that this was the Saturday that they have the vaccination clinic for dogs. I got up and checked the time on the clipping I have on the fridge and it's NEXT weekend. Well I'm up, might as well make some coffee!

As soon as it warms up just a tiny bit I'm going to go out and work in the yard a bit. I haven't heard any neighbors fire up the lawn mowers yet, which is surprising! It's 8:30 which is practically noon when you live in a neighborhood with a bunch of retired people!

No idea what I'm wearing to the "tea house". I have no cute spring skirts or dresses.

Scott is finally up now, hopefully he'll make us some breakfast :)Pin It

1 comment:

Sara Strand said...

I have no cute skirts or dresses period. I need to get my self esteem and a credit card and go shopping.


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