Sunday, April 3, 2011

5 Star Weekend!

I think this has been the best weekend of the whole year!!

Saturday morning the sun is out, BEAUTIFUL!

Scott made us breakfast, pancakes and bacon. Ummm so good. After breakfast I went out and work in the yard. Scott came out and took over the mowing! So I worked out there until it's was time to get ready to go to "tea" and then worked a little bit longer. I ran in the house and got ready, including shower in 1/2 an hour. I made it to my sister in laws house before the rest of the party, go me! (and didn't even get a speeding ticket!)

We piled in my sister in laws car and went to the Linde Lane Tea Room in Dixon. There's some cute pictures of us sitting in the tea cup booth and trying on hats on my mom's camera. I'll have to hijack it next time she comes over. I had my own camera with me but I think it's annoying when EVERYONE is taking pictures. Although, if I had used mine I'd have pictures here.

When I got home I just played around on the computer a bit and then went to bed to "read".  Jess was out with her friend and I had told them to come home at 11:00. Of course I was passed out by then. Or at least I was until Scott came to bed and woke me up. The girls came home in the middle of it. Then they proceeded to take FOREVER to go in the bedroom while we very very quietly tried to finish up. That was exciting.

Sunday morning it was totally beautiful again.

Scott made breakfast, waffles and sausage.

I put on my tennies and went outside to finish mowing. I had asked Scott to help me get the vegetable garden area cleaned up and we ended up just doing it all by hand to get all the bermuda grass out.  He was going to use the rototiller after we were done but it got full of water over the winter. Oh well we had it mostly all broken up anyways! I plopped my little plants I had bought the other day in the ground. Let's hope they do ok since I didn't add anything to the soil. (Finny would so not approve) .

I had to stop working to get ready for book club. Once again I took a shower and got ready in about 45 minutes. I got there just in time and wasn't even the last one to show up. The book for this month was Dream When You're Feeling Blue. It was a really good book! I listened to it in audio book form. The book was about three sisters during WWII. Oldest sister has a boyfriend, true love that goes in the service. Middle sister also has a boyfriend who goes in to the service at the same time, although while he's gone she starts to realize that he isn't her true love. The youngest sister is totally care free and writes to tons of boys, most of who she met at the USO dances. The main story is mostly about the middle sister and how her life changes during the war. From going to USO dances, to taking on a man's job in a factory, and trying to balance everything with her family during a difficult time. It was a really great book, although I have to say there is a bit of a twist at the end and not all the ladies at book club were happy about that!

What was kind of cool is that a lot of the book club ladies are older. One gal is in her 80's and she said that she was in high school when the war first started. She said her graduating class was the smallest one ever since so many boys left school to join up. She ended up going to college and living with a family and ended up marrying their son when he came home after the war! Sounds like a book of her own doesn't it?

After book club I came home and then left again to go pick up Melissa at her friend's house. She went for the weekend since her friend moved about 1/2 an hour away.
After I picked her up we ran to the store and picked up chinese food. Came home and ate that and then went back outside until it got to dark. I actually finally got some of my gladiolas that I had bought in the ground. Sadly only half of them because I got side tracked scraping the ground cover off the bricks. I swear I could spend every day out there and I'd find enough stuff to keep me busy.

So there's my fun exciting weekend. Probably boring to some people but I had a great time working in the yard. If only I didn't have to go to work tomorrow! What did you do this weekend?Pin It


Jennifer Owens said...

I've always wanted to be a part of a book club. That sounds like it would be fun.

Awesome breakfasts two days in a row! (o: Glad you had a great weekend.

Pseudo said...

Your weekend sounds amazing. I am going to try and remember to recommend that book to my bookclub.

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