Monday, April 4, 2011

More Time In The Yard, THIS TIME with PicTuREs!!

Today I got everything I had planted. EXCEPT for the rest of the gladiola bulbs and a few other bulbs I bought like 2 years ago that probably aren't going to bloom anyways. Hopefully I'll get those in in the next couple days. So here's a few pictures when I was done today. It doesn't look all that exciting but it just got done being winter here  so it's going to take me awhile to get it looking like "Disneyland" like it did that first year. I still think it's funny that the neighbor said that.

Holy Hibiscus! This thing is out of control. I even whacked it down quite a bit last winter. I spent a bit last night trying to uncover the bricks. My ground cover is out of control, but it's ok because it's AWESOME keeping most of the weeds out and it's super soft to walk on.

Same area different view. I have spent several hours planting new alyssum around the edges of the wood all the way around the garden.

View from the front door. Still working on those small beds on the bottom of the picture. I planted sunflowers in there and threw a huge bag of wildflower seed in them today. Let's hope that looks awesome.

Those things sticking up in the middle are gladiolas from last year. By the tree I planted calla lilies and some irises. Those should look like a jungle in a year or two if we are lucky! I've really been trying to buy more perennials so I don't have to spend so much time and money each year.

From the street, can you find the child?

In this one? The kids were asking me if we could go to Uncle Louie's and go swimming today. Silly kids.

Oh look those bricks are STILL on the porch.

I need to get more of the grass out of the front area :sigh: If only I liked using Round Up.

And last but not least, the vegetable garden. Something ate the top off the teeny tiny cucumber already. Strawberries on the left, tomatoes on the right, zucchini in the middle. Mess all around.

Once I get everything else planted I can work on cleaning up edges everywhere. I hate hate hate grass growing up next to the house/flower beds. HUGE pet peeve of mine. Of course our weed eater? doesn't work. But when ever we go to the store he says he is going to fix it. I think I need to go buy one myself but those things scare me!

Tomorrow we have to bring snack to Trevor's game which means 1.) he has a game I need to wash his uniform, after I find it. 2.) I should probably go to the store some time tomorrow and get something for the snack!

If my yard doesn't look all that exciting to you, check out my  "before" . We've come a long way baby!
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Pseudo said...

all that yard time is sure paying off. Sigh. I need help here, too bad you are not closer by to give me a kick in the pants and get me started.

Aimee said...

It looks so pretty! I am looking forward to the snow melting (we got a few inches yesterday) so I can get out and get started in our garden too. :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

your plantings are gorgeous.
Wanna come help me?

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