Thursday, April 14, 2011

Worker's Comp!!

So today I went on a "field visit" for one for one of the engineers at work.  I went out to take some pictures of thrust blocks. They aren't as exciting as they sound. Anything with the word thrust should look more exciting than this

This particular inspection was at an almond orchard that is right next to a canal. To get to the orchard you drive up on the canal. Which is fine, until you go to leave and have to make the decision on if you 

A.) Want to back out the whole length you drove in
B.) Take the chance of going forward and there possibly not being an OPEN gate and having to back up the WHOLE canal. (Been there done that)

Of course I didn't really think of this when I first drove on the canal. I was just looking for the pump and filter station. Which I found. I parked and got out.

And realized that those buildings over to the left were chickens. 

 Then I started walking to find all the areas where the thrust blocks were. Did I mention that I wore capri pants today? And white tennies? And it had just rained a little bit? And there was stinging nettle? Lucky for me I didn't fall or touch any of that nasty stuff. Thank God I knew to avoid it. After I was almost done I looked and up and went HOLY HELL. That's a long walk back.

I think I got in my exercise for the day, what do you think? Then when I FINALLY got back I got in the truck. Now to decide on that earlier plan. Looking ahead I could see huge tire ruts with a high spot and I was a bit concerned I would get stuck on that high spot. So I thought maybe I'd just back up. I put it in reverse and it kind of did a little sliding thing. UM NO. 

So I went with plan B and did a little prayer that I wouldn't die and made it over the hump and to the end where "angels singing" there was an open way to get off the canal.

Thank You God.

I'm definitely not made to do scary things in vehicles.
But it WAS nice to get out of the office!
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Travelin' Mike said...

Wow! What an adventure you had!!

Mary~Momathon said...

You are quite the adventurer! Lol

Chris H said...

It looks like fun... in a weird way... well except for the smelly chickens! lol

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