Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Stuff In My Head

I can't seem to think of one subject to concentrate on to blog about. I hope that doesn't scare you off.

Scott is doing much better pain wise this week. We went to the Orthopedic doctor on Monday. He took an x ray so we got to actually see how broken his collar bone is. The answer to that is: a lot. He said that he could do surgery and put in a metal plate or he can just leave it and it will heal up on it's own. Basically that means that it will still be broke but his body will adjust to it. He kept asking me how I felt about it. All I could think about was how much the bill would be for surgery. Yeah, slightly crooked collar bone? Sounds good to me. Thankfully Scott felt the same way. The doctor said it might take THREE MONTHS to heal. He goes back in four weeks to get it checked on.

I told him next time we go there we should take gifts to the girls that work the office part. They must be seriously stressed out because they were all a bunch of bitches. Working there must really be miserable.


We got our first bill from the accident (besides the $290 bill from the tow yard we had to pay immediately to spring it from their yard and stop accruing fees we didn't even know about). The bill for the ambulance ride was over $1800. What cracks me up about that is it says that it is "due immediately" and to "pay in full". Um yeah nice try? How's about you try billing my insurance first :::please God let them cover most of it::. Apparently everyone should have a "just in case I'm in an emergency fund" so you can pay these bills that you never knew you were going to have.


Today I sent in a form to get a "parent loan" to help pay for the remaining part of Jessica's college that is not covered by the grant she got and the federal financial aid she received. You know, the "parent portion" that they tell you on FAFSA. That amount that you kind of laugh at and say "well I hope you get a scholarship". So now we're hoping "I" get the loan. I told her she can start paying me back when she gets a job. I think she thought I was kidding but I definitely am not.


The seat belt in her car broke the day before yesterday. We can't just go buy a new seat belt (the part it clicks into) because that part is connected to the seat. The seat was also crap, so luckily they (her and Scott) were able to find a decent seat at Pic N Pull. Instead of getting one seat they got two so they would match. Which is nice but cost $100 plus. I swear this car is nickle and dime-ing (more like $50 and $100's) us to death. At least it's paid for right?


We are going camping really soon. Which means I need to crawl around in the shed and find all the camping gear and pull it out and pack everyone's stuff and go to the store, and decide what we are going to cook to add that to the list, and if I'm really productive figure out how to drive a stick shift by Friday morning. That's why I'm sitting here reading blogs and pinning things on Pinterest. Overload much?

I'm up 4 pounds from last week this week. I'm guessing that's from the mass quantities of alcohol I've drank lately (not really but there has been a few nights of a few drinks). I'm being optimistic though and thinking maybe it's just muscle from all the extra exercise I've been doing. I'm trying to be really good today and stay within my calories. Good thing Diet Coke is free (I know I know it's bad for me and I haven't drank much of it lately)

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Suburban Correspondent said...

Camping? Cooking? I tell Larry I'll do one or the other, but not both. When we camp, I pack sandwich fixings, yogurts, string cheese, raisins, peanuts...sometimes some frozen ground beef that I've already fried up - that's for Larry to mess with if he really wants to cook something. Canned baked beans and hotdogs make the kids happy at dinner, so that's fine with me - I'll just eat a yogurt. It's bad enough I have to hike to the bathroom at night - I don't need to be slaving over a campstove, too!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Gosh that has to be painful for Scott. yikes.

You are ever the resourceful gal and family with the car seat etc.

Can you think of how I can jimmy rig that damn table of mine?

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh, I was in a car accident a few years ago that was the fault of the other driver. It was awful because I got all these bills that my insurance wouldn't cover because THEIR insurance was supposed to pay. I had a lawyer working with the opposing insurance company but all those bills were terrifying.

I hope everything works out!

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