Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Really Odd & Rude Things People Say To Me

Since I've been losing weight (37 pounds down!) I seem to have become the spectacle around work sometimes. Here's just a few things people have said to me lately.

Looks me up and down "WOW, YOU'RE LIKE SKINNY!?!" followed by a really strange expression. Um thanks? I think?

Me, coming out of the bathroom at work, which just happens to open up to the break room. Co-worker looks at me and says "do you eat apples?" I was like yeah sure I have one every day with my cottage cheese. Then she proceeds to tell/show me how Dr. Oz says you should rub your stomach to get gas out. Umm ok?

Another co-worker asked me how much more weight I wanted to lose. I said at least twenty more, maybe a bit more. Yet another co-worker chimes in and rubs her stomach and says "to lose this right?" Gee thanks for pointing that out..

Someone else tells me, "wow you're stomach is finally starting to go down". Yeah um f-you k?

"You're losing weight" yeah I know

"I should go back on my diet" ok

"Don't turn sideways, you'll disappear" (kind of liked that one)

"Did you see we have a new person working here? Every time I see you I think you are a new person" (kind of liked that one too)

People think it's absolutely crazy that I walk to Subway sometimes. It's .8 miles one way. Not even a mile people!! It's not that far!

Overall, it's nice to receive compliments that I'm looking nice but I wish people wouldn't point out what body parts my fat needs to melt off of next (complete with pointing). Seriously, before you open your mouth you should run what you're going to say through your head real quick and think about if it would offend YOU if someone said it.

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Suburban Correspondent said...

It's so hard to say the right thing! I know people always say to me, "Oh, I can really tell you lost weight by your face." I have a fat face? Here I was busy obsessing about my non-existent waistline and you're telling me I had a fat face?

I also hate having a new hairstyle and someone says to me, "Oh, that took off a good 10 years!" Great. I was walking around looking like an old hag. Thanks.

I Wonder Wye said...

OMG...when did people think it was okay to point out the obvious and over-share? My post is also about rude people. When I went to a high-school reunion party, a friend who had lost a ton of weight was asked her 'secret.' She smiled and said I shut my mouth. That about says it it all!! Congrats!

Melissa G. said...

I always cringe when people say "Holy cow! You're losing SO much weight!" It's like, 'what did they think I looked like before?!' Sheesh! But... you are looking great! I have to tell you, I've recently given up drinking pop... it's been a struggle, but I need more water, less caffeine and less sugar in my life. At least 5 times a day, I think about how you're doing so well, just counting calories and making better choices food and exercise-wise. You truly have been an inspiration for me, and I only know you from blogging! Keep up what you're doing! You're keeping me on track too! :)

Eric W. Harper said...

So I have this to look forward to? :)

Sarah said...

You are doing so awesome!! I can't believe I didn't jump on the band wagon before. Love it!! It may be slow going, but it is sane!_

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

These made me laugh but not because they were funny but because I got a lot of those too when i lost weight. Honestly the worst were my family members.

My favorite....Gee I thought you'd look better since you lost 100lbs.
Me: That's because I only lost 70lbs.

That was my sister no less. Not gee you almost died and then the medication made you fat and I'm so glad to see you are healthy, alive and yourself again.
No nothing nice like that.

Sorry Julie.
I just think you look great all the time. You are always laughing and smiling and it makes you beautiful to me.

Jennifer Owens said...

Seriously - people say some of the stupidest things sometimes. I can't believe how tacky they can be!

You are doing awesome - way to go on 37 pounds!

Anonymous said...

wow 37 lbs! you are doing awesome!!!


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