Thursday, June 28, 2012

Camping is a lot of work

I just love going camping. Once we get there and all the shit is put up and I can finally relax. At the moment I'm in the this is a lot of freaking work mode. I'm taking a 5 and drinking some wine because I really just want to scream at everyone.

People that know me know that I'm a sarcastic person and somehow I manage to piss off both my oldest and my husband withing 45 minutes of each other. Apparently telling them "I was just joking" only works when THEY say it.

And you know, they've known we were going camping for over a month and yet, even though they are all home I'm doing all the freaking work.

I came home all in a good mood, saying "let's just go tonight" and an hour later everyone hates me and I feel like I might possible be ready by the 8am take off time we've set.


Ok I think I'm done venting.

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Jill of All Trades said...

Oops...Have fun!? Wine is a good thing!

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh and yes it is a lot of work. Don't do it ANY MORE!

Anonymous said...

yep, I understand. I packed for 3 of us yesterday for several hours. Jeff took 5 minutes to gather his clothes and toss them in the living room so I could pack them! to be fair, he does other stuff, but seriously, why can't anyone else learn to pack?? I probably wouldn't like their packing job anyway lol! have fun


Jennifer Owens said...

Sorry you were having a rough night. Hope the work is worth it and you have a great camping trip!

PS - I admit. I'm kind of in love with the Shades of Grey.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I hear you!

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