Sunday, December 23, 2012

Done The Double

Today I "Ran The Double"

(I actually saw that guy in person and he said "good luck" :))

The Double is a 10k race, with a short break and then a 5k race. Kind of like a dual-athalon but both legs are running. Apparently it's a new type of running race and the first one around here.

From what I had read that short break could really mess you up. BUT I'm not that fast of a runner so that short break was just long enough for me to drink some water, eat half a banana, panic that I needed more food and then eat a candy cane in desperation for something to give me some fuel.

Oh and did I mention that it was raining?

I started off my morning by getting up at 4 something AM. I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, my favorite pre race food and then drove into town to meet up with my trainer. We were meeting up with some other people, one of which made us costumes to wear.

Here I am pre-hat and pre-glitter. 

Yes I look ridiculous! HAHA Gotta love it.

Here is our "group"

and you can read our butts if you dare!

The 10k was my first 10k race. I have ran that far around the neighborhood a few times now and of course did the 5k-10k training. I have hardly ran the last couple weeks though. I probably should have. I ran with my trainer for almost the whole 10k. She left me the last mile or so. Which was fine since I was running faster than I usually do anyways!

When I first started running I immediately had to take off the bells. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a bit noise sensitive. ACKKK F'ing bells? NO. I put them on my trainers head, she sounded very merry.

Then the gloves came off. Followed by a bow that was in my arm stride area. The hat came next. Then the tie. Then I had to take off my undershirt because I was burning up. I was half naked by the time we got to the finish line.

The race was hardest for me around mile 4. I was breathing kind of hard (trainer kept asking me if I was ok, yes, I'm just dying but I'm fine!). I kind of wanted to walk but I knew that wasn't an option especially with her running next to me. I cranked up my music and thought about Arlene running a half marathon through a swamp and made it through!

My "official time" was 1:07:31. WTG Runkeeper for being so accurate.

When we finished the 10k it was pouring. POURING. I was soaked. I went into the gym where they had their recovery zone and it was pretty packed.  People in line for massages, people on exercise bikes, all I cared about was food. WHERE'S THE FOOD. None. (well except for the 1/2 banana I found outside in the rain)

I did find a place to check all my extra clothes I was carrying so I did that. 

Then it was time to line up for the 5k portion of the race. I turned on the Runkeeper the same as last time but something was wrong. When I got to the one mile marker it said I had ran over 2 miles and my pace was 2 miles an hour. NOT. I decided just to start if over. So here was my Runkeeper minues the first mile.

Add one more mile and 10 minutes and you about have my time. 33:48. Not my best but it was after the 10k and it was RAINING and I was hungry!

Total time was 1:41:29
52 out of 65 in my age group
557 out of 628 overall (I think)

Not too shabby for mostly being a beginner runner. 
This kind of race wasn't really for "beginners" I'm thinking.

The medal is a key chain  I want to get one of those racks to hang my medals on so I'm thinking I could just get a ribbon to add to it. 

Here I am after the race. What a wet mess! I'm so glad 

 I'm so glad someone said to bring extra clothes and I did! Especially socks and shoes. One person brought some beach towels, which was also a great idea.

We went to Mimi's Cafe for lunch after and I got a Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger, coleslaw and a cup of tomato basil soup. I ended up just eating 1/2 the burger and coleslaw and was stuff. Good thing since it's over 900 calories for that burger! It was DELICIOUS!

I brought home the left overs and Scott finished them for me. 

My legs are a bit stiff. I took some Advil, laid in front of the heater and took a nap!

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Unknown said...

Great job, Julie!! I'm in awe of you doing TWO races in one day! And I love the outfits. :)

Sarah said...

That is amazing you stayed with your trainer. I think I would have collapsed before mile one. I hate when technology doesn't work right, but it is awesome when it does!! You still blow me away with all you are doing.

Alma said...

Wow! First I ever heard of about the double! You did AMAZING! Good Job:)

KayLynn said...

WTG!!! I can't imagine doing a 10K then a 5K a few minutes later.. You are a rock star!

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