Thursday, December 20, 2012

ONE MORE Christmas Program

 Tuesday was my kid's school's annual Christmas Program. Scott and I always joke that we will have seen this Christmas Program 20 something times by the time all our kids are done with this school. Something to think about when you space your kids out so far apart!

Trevor is in the band and plays the trombone. He was super excited and we had to get there by 6:00. They had the curtain closed and we were sitting there waiting. I turned to my Mom and said "you hear that noise that sounds like an elephant? That's Trevor and his trombone".

I have to say though that I was feeling super proud of him up there on the stage playing his little heart out. (far left)

After the band we sat through the upper grade band, grades K-3 and then finally the 4th grade and my boy.

I love that he's still so into it and sings his little heart out. 

My Mom brought my niece Adrian and my nephew Tony with her. We kept Adrian busy with my phone once she got antsy. She made a lot of toast with the "make toast" app on my phone!

Such a pretty girl!

After the singing was over everyone sang one final song of Jingle Bells and Santa showed up. My Mom took Adrian up to see him and she was super excited.

LOVE this picture of my mom. That coat and scarf look so nice on her.

There was hot cocoa and cookies after the program too!

After Santa & cookies we went to Denny's for a late night dinner. Score for us since it was kids eat free night and we didn't even know that going in.

This little stinker will hardly have anything to do with me but she sure likes her "Uncle Scott'. WTH? I tell her her nail polish looks nice and she screams and runs away from me haha.

My two favorite boys.

Melissa and Scott playing around.

Only one more year unless Trevor stays in band. If so then we could have 4 more!

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