Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

What I wore Wednesday!

Go over to the Pleated Poppy to see tons of cute outfits

Hope you all don't mind my self portraits. and bathroom pics! My room became a disaster the last few days so I've resorted back to the bathroom at work. (plus the lighting is better go figure!)

I got this sweater from a Facebook clothing sale group. I got a bunch of sweaters for not very much. I put my raspberry tank under it for a little color. I think my jeans are looking a bit saggy there. Gross.


Thrifted jeans, boots from Target

I just love this little cardigan sweater. It's super light weight, just a little something to cover my arms at work. I got that at Burlington Coat Factory and the top at Macy's. 

Jeans thrifted and same boots from Target (wearing those things out I need more shoes!!)

Sunday we went to the Gingerbread party at my brother's house.

Top from Burlington Coat Factory, jeans thrifted and same boots again...

My baby brother and me

black lace tank from Kohl's (need to work on better close ups!) and cardigan from Burlington Coat Factory

Sigh. Same boots and  some thrifted jeans. OH and necklace from Target (last year)

 Vintage Sweater (thrifted), Jeans (thrifted) and TA DAH I didn't wear the boots but didn't get my feet in the picture! I wore black flats. The necklace (I know it's micro sized in the pic) was from Mervyn's. I miss that place!

I think this sweater needs one of those cute puffy flower things you can pin on.

All my jeans I have right now are from the thrift store. Awhile back they had a $2 sale on jeans. I took about 50 pairs in and came out with about 10. I think I'm down to about 4 or 5 now that still work but a couple pairs are getting too big. Best way to shop when you are losing weight!

I got a few new thrifted shirts today for some more variety. Now to go shoe shopping!!

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Kimberly said...

You look great! I like the green cardigan. I often think of getting one of those flowers to put on my sweaters.

FinnyKnits said...

Julie! Do you crochet? You could whip up one of those flower pins in literally five minutes. Looking hot, mama :)

Sarah said...

You keep blowing me away!! Seriously! YOu turn into an awesome runner, and fashionista!! I love it.

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