Monday, December 3, 2012

How To Become UN-Fat

I was thinking today. Thinking about things that helped me lose weight (this is going to be a few posts so it's not too long)

In The Beginning

Start off by being so disgusted with yourself you just can't stand it anymore.

Back in "Girl Scout Cookie Season" I bought about 6 boxes of cookies from a co-worker. I kept them at work so I wouldn't have to share with my family. I'd eat about a sleeve a day while sitting at my desk. DISGUSTING (but tasty!).

Yes I know.

Have to get your wedding ring CUT OFF because it's too tight and you're afraid your finger is going to fall off.

Have several friends all losing a lot of weight using Lose It or My Fitness Pal. I have a childhood friend that is very like me as far as losing weight and gaining it goes. I saw her a few times and she was losing so much weight and looking awesome. She was using My Fitness Pal, which didn't work on my phone so of course I couldn't do it on there (I had an old iPhone that couldn't update enough to run the program.) I COULD have done it online but didn't think of that.

I also have another friend, Dee that was using Lose It and had sent me an invite and I ALREADY had that app on my phone from some previous attempt at losing weight. Dee LOVES to talk calories and food. It's like playing a shopping game with her with what we can get for the least amount of calories. She totally sparked my interest because I was feeling like a fat cow from eating all those cookies and she and the other friend were making this all look so easy!

I had just had my 38th birthday. And, let's face it, those pictures are BAD.

Give in and go weigh yourself after NOT weighing yourself for A REALLY LONG TIME.
Be totally disgusted once again and start using LOSE IT immediately.

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SkinnyMeg said...

I can relate! Mine was Oreos and the pictures of myself were nooooooooot good :)

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