Saturday, February 23, 2013

Date Night Movies and DInner

Today we had plans to go on an adventure but it's freaking windy. Bom bom bommm sucks. Maybe we will go tomorrow instead. I have book club tomorrow but I didn't read the book anyways. What a slacker.

Yesterday Scott and I decided to go on a date night. I only had about 300 calories left for dinner so I decided I'd go ride my bike to burn a few more. I haven't rode my bike around the neighborhood in forever. Remember when that was my main exercise?  

Not even 300 calories. I find that majorly disappointing for some reason.  I'm really starting to look forward to getting my new bike. I think it's going to make a huge difference.

Since yesterday was "national margarita day" we were going to go to Mexican food. Apparently everyone in the city we went to had the same idea because they all had lines OUT THE DOOR. Um yeah. I can have a margarita another day. We decided to go to the new Mongolian BBQ instead. It's the same chain as the one we usually go to just in the other city we frequent. Plus I know that I can do it pretty healthy by just limiting the noodles and adding in more veggies. 

My bowl ended up being pretty spicy again That's the second time I've had that happen. I guess that's the downfall to this kind of place. You are going to get the flavors of all the people before you. I also went back and got another bowl of just veggies. I should have just stopped with what I had.

We decided to go to Safeway to pick up some snacks for the movies. I really wanted to get some of that chocolate popcorn but they didn't have any. We settled on some caramel and chocolate rice cakes and bought a case of water since it's the same price as buying two (and we needed water anyhow).

Way less calories than movie popcorn but I ate the whole bag which was a couple servings.

We went saw Identity Thief

It was a cute movie. A little dumb in places but pretty funny and entertaining.  I just kept thinking if she can make all those cards and ID's surely she could have used another name to get on the airplane?

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Sarah said...

I thought Identity Theft was cute, but was slow sometimes. And I love the idea of you going out and purposely burning calories before dinner! Love that kind of accountability !


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