Monday, February 18, 2013

Tide Pool Fun!

Sunday we got up early and took a day trip to see Jessica. We left almost two hours after Scott had wanted to leave and we still had to go tour Target a bit until she was awake enough to answer her phone. Good thing I drug my feet a little haha.

Once she was finally up we went and picked her up and went to breakfast at Denny's. Seems to be our spot when we go down there. The service was sooo slow when we first got there but man after we finally got our coffee he was wanting to refill our cup after we took every sip. Drives me nuts. I'd rather my cup was empty before I refilled it. It just messes up my whole sugar/creamer/coffee ratio if you keep putting more coffee in it.

After breakfast we decided to go check out this cool tide pool area she had went to a week or so ago. It was a LOT of fun. We probably spent a good few hours just playing around looking in all the nooks and crevices. We missed low tide by about an hour but there was still plenty to look at.

Do you see the seals? We were there for probably an hour before we noticed them.

I've never seen so many shells on a beach before. TONS!

Super fun, total cost of the beach? NOTHING. Free parking, free access, free fun and free education if you have someone who knows what you're looking at ;)

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Chris H said...

Gorgeous photos, Jessica must have loved seeing you all.
The tidal pools are lovely to walk around, we do that too.
And girl, that sweatshirt is too big for you, you should go shopping for a nice smaller one. AND SHOW ME. lol

Kim said...

Jealous of all the pretty places near you!!

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