Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

My kids had pictures on Valentine's Day this year. So on top of having to remember to send snacks, valentine's and wear red I got to get up early to do Melissa's hair. 

This kid  has A LOT of hair. 

That's quite the chore to do before work!

I saw this and it cracked me up. I love the grumpy cat!

I wasn't a grumpy cat though since someone sent me some pretty roses at work!

I almost brought them home with me on Friday so I'd have them at home for the weekend but I sure like looking at them on my desk at work! Hopefully they are still looking nice when I go back to work on Tuesday!

I got Scott a new pair of shorts, athletic top and running socks. Nothing says love like exercise clothes right?

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Sara Strand said...

I got Matt candy. He didn't eat it fast enough so I did. ;)

Chris H said...

My hair is like her's!
Lovely roses... I hope they are still pretty.

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