Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Can You See?

I should be going out to do a run tonight but I don't really feel like it, I'm tired.

This morning started super fantastic. I actually got up on time and the kids were up but Trevor was dawdling like he does and we saw Melissa's bus LEAVING when we went around the corner. GREAT! So we followed the bus to the next bus stop. Stupid me should have dropped Trevor off at HIS bus stop before we chased down Melissa's because his bus passed us going in the opposite direction while we were getting there. So I braked lightly and threw her out (kidding) and then turned it around and floored it back home so Trevor could get on his bus. We caught his when it was on the way out.


Now that's a way to make yourself wide awake in the morning. Who needs coffee? Maybe Trevor..

After work I came home and picked up Trevor and then took him to get his eyes checked. He keeps complaining that he can't see things. Jess was about his age when she got her glasses and I wasn't much older so I figured he probably did need them. He does need glasses. TO READ. Who is this kid? Lucky for him it's just a little bit of a correction. We went to Lens Crafter's and started to look at their glasses. I asked the gal how much they went for and they STARTED at $195. I said um yeah I think we'll go to Costco. So we did and bought some for $100 total. They do take longer to get here but he can survive a bit longer I'm sure. I should have taken a picture of him with them on but I forgot. Darn.

Jess also ordered new glasses today from one of the online places that sells them for cheaper ($50 total) so we'll see how that works out and then maybe we will all get glasses from there in the future. I really need some new glasses too. Mine are beyond wearing in public and just barely good enough for Saturday mornings when I don't want to put my contacts in yet.

I remember when I got my first glasses. They were these huge red frames. Super ugly. I had wanted these green frames but somehow I ended up with those. This is back in the late 80's when glasses were still really large. I just looked for a picture of them and I don't even have one. I would only put them on to see the board and drive. Ahhh the good old days where I could still kind of see what I was doing without help.

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Chris H said...

Nice glasses are ruddy expensive here too... much more expensive than your's I might add! I got two new pairs about a year or so ago, one for reading and one for driving/distance. All up it cost $1,100.00 !
I can't imagine what you could get for only $50!

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