Sunday, March 2, 2014

Trevor's Family Birthday Party

Oh my gosh I'm so tired! This has been such a busy week and weekend.

Thursday my brother's dog Snookie came to live with us.
Friday was Trevor's birthday and I took him and 2 friends to John's Incredible Pizza.
Saturday was my sister in law's baby shower.
Sunday (today) we had a family party for Trevor.

I'm going to start with today and go backwards as I catch up!

This morning when I woke up our water was out. LOVELY. We are on a well water and sometimes they have to shut off the water to make repairs somewhere. It finally came back on at 1:30ish (party started at 3). The girls and I had just packed up all our stuff and were going to run to town and go to my friend's house to shower when I heard it come back on.

I may have taken then the fastest shower ever just in case it went off again.

Also this morning I spent at least an hour for the 2nd time trying to figure out how the hell to pay for my domain name that was going to expire in 2 days. The thought of my blog disappearing had me panicking just a bit and I was so relieved when I finally figured out how to get to my right "admin log in" name. What  a nightmare. I totally wrote that down in a book for next time.

We ended up just having a little party with my parents and my brothers and their kids. One sister in law had to work and the other is on bed rest.

I stayed up until almost midnight last night making potato salad, green salad and a veggie tray (and veggie soup for the week since I was already cutting up all those vegetables).  Today I made a cake, Scott cooked ribs, I made a meatloaf (that's what Trevor requested for his food for his party lol) and those little bacon wrapped sausages. I think that's the most food I've cooked for a party in I don't know how long!

Adrian and Jess

Adrian and Snookie, her old dog and our new one 
 Trevor with his candle cupcake since he has a cold I didn't want him blowing on the cake (mean mom lol)

Cousins and dogs! Usually I lock Rusty up when we have company but he's doing a lot better now being sociable. He did really well today.

Cousin love

Mom and Dad 


Scott with the yummy ribs.
Rusty saying hello to cousin Tony
After everyone left I cleaned up and washed all the dishes. It's almost 8 and I'm beat! I'm glad we don't have any big plans for next weekend other than maybe doing some antiquing with my mom if the weather is nice. 

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