Sunday, October 26, 2014

Let's Go 510 Golden Gate Fields Run

I need to update from last week! Scott's birthday and Trevor's science camp adventure. BUT first I want to post about my run yesterday!

I did the Brazen Racing 510 Let's Go Golden Gate Fields run. I signed up for the 10k awhile back and then tried to get myself trained up to actually be able to run a 10k again. I was doing pretty good with my training and had got up to 4 1/2 miles before I went to see Jess but after I got back I never ran more than 3. I had thought about downgrading my run to the 5k but with a little encouragement from Scott to just walk when I needed to, I pulled up my big girl panties and just did it.

The race was in Berkeley which is about an hour and half away. A bit far for a race, but it didn't start until 10 so I left around 7:30 and got there in plenty of time to meet up with some people.

This is Lisa and Dory who I met through Instagram and have met up with a few times. Lisa has lost 90 pounds (in the navy and white jacket).

Here's some pictures from before the race. It had rained in the morning and looked like it was probably going to rain some more. I was pretty cold before the race started.

The race started in the parking lot of the Golden Gate Fields horse race track.

The Golden Gate Bridge is in the background but it's kind of hard to see it.

There was A LOT of people there. Lisa runs a bit faster than me and Dory is pregnant so she was walking so we all started in different places in the line up. I couldn't even run when the race first started because there was so many people.

I had looked online trying to find the elevation of the course because most of the Brazen Races are pretty brutal. I couldn't find much so I assumed that since it was along the bay it would be pretty flat. You know what happens when you assume right?

You start off by climbing this GIGANTIC hill with 5000 of your new closest friends.

Then you run into this area that is trail like with a bunch of hills built in. They weren't huge but they were still hills, and then you finish the race by going back up that giant hill and then out and around the horse track (which was kind of cool). I ended up doing quite a bit of walking and had to stop twice to fix my shoe lace that had suddenly become way too tight.

Oh and I had to strip off all my layers because the sun came out and made it nice and humid.

Amazingly I still got a pretty good time! I think if I had not stopped to fix my shoe I would have been close to my fastest 10k race time. As it was I was only 4 minutes off. Not too shabby for walking.

My official time was 1:07:29 30 out of 91 in my age group

Here's my totally exhausted selfie at the end. 

With my GIANT medal. I really need to get something to hang my metals on they are stashed all over my room.

Brazen Racing always does a huge spread of food at their runs and this one was no different. I'm just amazed though at how piggy people are. I saw people with little boxes FULL of food. Like snacks to last them all day or something. I guess I'm the only one that thinks you should just take what you are going to eat now and leave the rest for other people.

We hung out a little bit after we were done with the race and then the other girls left and I got a chair massage. Ahhhhh I love free massages.

 My next race is a 5k 10k (just looked up the date and I signed up for the 10k not the 5k dang it! lol) in my old high school stomping grounds. I'm kind of excited to go run there!Pin It

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