Wednesday, October 15, 2014

North Carolina Day 6, Last Day

Up and running! I'm so proud of myself for continuing my runstreak and running every day I was on vacation!

Squid welcomed me back to the house

This is Jessica's house they rent from the road. They have 3 bedrooms and rent out the extra 2. (one was empty so we stayed in it). Behind the house is a pond of sorts but they said the water is disgusting.

I meant to get a picture of one of the neighbor's houses that had a fire pit and stuff set up out by the water but forgot. It looked like so much fun. Kind of like our dock time here.

We left to go to the airport around 10:30 I think it was. Amazingly I didn't cy when she dropped us off. I knew if I got into the ugly cry my contacts would be miserable lol. Plus now I know that while it takes 8 hours to get there I CAN go and see my girl every so often.  Although next time probably not for so long so I don't wear out my welcome ;) 

We got home around 10:00 our time which was like 1 in the morning North Carolina time. Talk about feeling all messed up! I had to go to work the next day, which actually wasn't all that hard since I was getting used to getting up so early. I was totally dragging for the rest of the week though!

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Chris H said...

Their home looks nice... and 8 hours away! that's a long way.
Our youngest son is about 7 hours away too... it's hard getting down to see him too.

Chris H said...

Well done on blogging on holiday! I try to do the same. Lots of awesome photos too.

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