Friday, October 10, 2014

Off To North Carolina

I had not seen Jessica since May when she moved to North Carolina, and one day I was having the major "I need to see my child" tears. I looked online at flights like I do every so often and actually found something slightly affordable. I checked with work, Jessica, and Scott and then decided that I was going to book a trip. BUT Jessica really wanted Melissa to come too so I booked a flight for both of us.

We don't fly very often so of course we are always WAY too early to the airport. This time I flew out of Oakland because it was less expensive than all the other airports (San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, all within about the same driving time/distance).  Scott was working on getting a new job NOT in San Jose, so I didn't think it would be too much of an issue to fly out of Oakland. I figured if he couldn't take us I'd be able to find someone else that could.

We decided to leave the house around 9:30 on Thursday morning because you never know what the traffic is going to be like on the way to the bay area. Like that one time it took us an ungodly amount of time to get to the Ugly Sweater Run.

So Scott dropped us off and then we had FOREVER to wait until it was time for our flight. So of course, we ate. We were going to be spending about 8 hours flying so I figured we might as well eat and be good for awhile.

Melissa wanted pizza so we went to the California Pizza Kitchen. We should have just got one pizza to split but we each got our own and $30 later we had lunch and a $3 water.

I powered through mine and by the time we actually boarded the airplane Melissa had ate all but one small piece of hers.

Definitely good on eating for awhile!

We found our gate and then they announced that they were moving our gate to a different one, so we moved there.

Eventually we got on the plane. Melissa got the window seat for her first flight ever (and all the other ones). Soon after we were sitting down we realized we were sitting pretty close to the wing so that kind of sucked view wise.

But we had to make a stop in Burbank to let people off and on so we were able to move to a better seat. We had to change planes in Phoenix where we had just enough time to go to the bathroom and get a Starbucks, and then we were on our way to North Carolina.

We left the house at 9:30 am CA time and landed around midnight in NC. I'm glad I brought a book to read.

Jess and her girlfriend Ariel were waiting for us by the baggage claim and it was so great to see her!

We stopped on the way home at some crazy fried fast food place and ordered some snacks and then went to their house and ate them standing around the kitchen island.

Jess had to work in the morning but by the time us West-Coasters got up she was already home from work!Pin It


Annsterw said...

This is so awesome!! What a fun trip with your daughter to see your daughter!! Memories that will last a lifetime!

Chris H said...

Bloody hell that's a long way to go! I thought it was about 8 hours DRIVING time away, but 8 hours flying? That's a LONG WAY from home.

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